Third day at home

After the accident, I am beginning to recover.  Will be able to use time productively soon.



23things for teaching

I am looking forward to finding out about how to use online communications to help my teaching.



Thing 23

I enjoyed the whole programme.  Being a full time teacher and part time PhD student, I struggled to keep up but the self pacing aspect of the programme allowed me to catch up during the school holidays.  Of course, I didn’t win any coffees . . . (but do feel I deserve one for finishing! . . . ).  I will continue to use all the accounts I started and am especially looking forward to tinkering with linked in.  I get a lot of notifications but don’t feel confident in using it yet.  I am also tracking down a picture for my staff profile.  I will get a new one taken for my id card and try to use that.  I am looking forward to tinkering with twitter but not sure how that will help me as a researcher.  I will also enjoy using slide share and the word diagrams that we were shown.  My final comment on the programme – excellent and great personal help when needed.  I wish you good fortune with it next time it is offered.

Thing 8

I have a facebook profile which I use regularly but this is only for personal use and reaches a network of friends from my travels in 1985-1987 and also family overseas.  I don’t allow professional contact on this network.

I have created a linked in profile for professional networking.  I am learning how to use this at present.  Some of my personal friends are also on linked in.  I get job notifications for totally unsuitable jobs, i.e. doctors at present.

I will go into linked in today and try to learn more.

Analysis of stats

There has only been one viewer of my blog and I guess that may be the 21 things organiser.  I have not been blogging much so that may account for the low viewings.  It is boring!! I will try to blog more in future.

Thing 20

I like the word clouds and yes I will be trying to create one, perhaps using a favourite poem.  They will be useful in my teaching as well as my research.  I will try both examples but Tagxedo looks appealing.

“Tagxedo turns words — famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters — into a visually stunning word cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text”.